Why is IECU moving?

We have run out of room! Having been in the current main office since 1993, it was time for IECU to address office space issues by finding a larger facility to accommodate its current staff as well as allow room for future growth. In addition, the Board of Directors conducted a demographic study to determine the best location for IECU to headquarter. The study also revealed that our current location is not conducive to future growth.

When is IECU moving?

We will open for business on Tuesday, February 18 at our new location.

Will the hours change with the new facility?

Yes! We will be expanding our hours to open our lobby and phones on Mondays at 9 am. With our new location, we are ready and available to help our members starting as early as possible.

Will both IECU's current offices close?

Yes, our current plan is to combine both offices into one. The Board of Directors and management team  considered member trends, market factors, and economic changes. According to a 2017 national study,  two-thirds of Americans use digital banking channels, and IECU has made significant improvements to its  online offerings. In addition, the former locations on 8th Street and Centre West Drive are within four miles of the new  location. We are looking forward to our new centrally located office, where we can develop a unique high-touch  banking experience. 

Will all staff be retained if you are combining two offices into one?

Yes. In fact, we anticipate needing to hire additional staff. Having held back on hiring these last few years because of limited space, we are excited to continue to grow our staff and offer even better service to our members. 

Where will the new headquarters be located?

IECU has purchased 3101 Montvale Drive, previously known as Robert Morris University. The size of the building allows us to reasonably plan to headquarter there for the next 25 years.

Why this existing building?

Similar to buying a home, there are a number of items to be concerned about in the process, including a site large enough to add a drive–through, employee transit to and from work and close proximity to our community  partners. However, our biggest concern is the ease of access and convenience for our members. We purposefully  sought out an existing building as we learned the cost to build new is typically 2-3 times the cost to  renovate. In addition, we believe that the reuse of existing buildings gives the best opportunity to make an impact on  sustainability, resiliency, and energy efficiency efforts.

Why will IECU have a community room?

The new headquarters will feature a 2,400 square-foot meeting space equipped with audiovisual equipment. IECU will offer this space to our community partners and other local business that may need meeting space. It’s a great way for IECU to give back to our community.

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