Summer Fun Fading Away? Here's My 15 Things To Do This Summer!



Welcome to the first most recent  blog post of IECU! We are excited to share with you some of our insights and knowledge gained throughout working in the Credit Union industry. We love being able to put our personal touch on topics that relate to us and our members! Throughout our posts, you may hear from some familiar faces and let me tell you, we have an amazing team with some great knowledge and tips on finances, saving, budgeting, spending, how-to’s, and just about everything in between!

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Kaitlyn Finley, I am 23 years old and a Springfield native. I have been the Marketing Representative at IECU a little over a year now. I am a graduate of the University of Illinois-Springfield (Go Prairie Stars!). I’m also engaged and planning my wedding!!!! So, you may see a “How-to-plan a wedding on a budget” post in the near future 😊 I am really excited to share with you some great tips and insights of what I think could benefit someone out there...hopefully you!

It’s hard to believe that Summer is just about half-way through! I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older, all those times my grandparents have said “time flies as you get older”. WELL, I’m there!! I’m old enough to feel time flying by!! I know most of you don’t want think about being half-way through summer because that would also mean that schools almost back-in. I’m guessing many of you are just about settled into the summer fun. Well, you may start to feel that slip away soon when you start planning lessons and thinking about balancing busy schedules ahead. I hope to help slow down time and provide you with some great ways to continue soaking up the summer sun and fun! Here’s my go-to list of activities to do in the summer time;

  1. Pool, Pool, Pool-just about any day there’s sunshine I’m hoping to enjoy the water
  2. Plan a cookout with friends and family
  3. Enjoy a lake day
  4. A trip to Ice Deli
  5. Plan a drive-inn movie night
  6. Take a bike ride
  7. Have a picnic in a park-Washington Park is my fav!
  8. Read a book
  9. Take a day where you enjoy the outdoors-maybe lay in a hammock (this is really my #1 thing to do)
  10. Go fishing
  11. Take a trip to a museum or state park
  12. Visit a waterpark
  13. Explore downtown Springfield-visit the local shops, restaurants, and buildings. There’s so much to do!
  14. Volunteer-many local organizations areneeding help
  15. Relax! While my list is filled with so many great things to do, nothing beats a day spent relaxing and enjoying your time off.

Do you have a favorite summer activity that maybe I didn’t list? Leave a comment or send me an email and let me know! I’d love to add some new things to my list.

I hope you enjoyed reading a few of my favorite summer activities and I hope you have a great rest of your summer!

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