Savings Account

Let’s start at the beginning! Your base account is your IECU Savings Account. This is the very first account you’ll set up and is what makes you an OWNER of IECU- that’s what sets credit unions apart from banks! Every savings account requires a minimum deposit of $5.00 at all times to hold on to your ownership stake. Savings accounts are essential to having a balanced budget and act as an all-access pass to the rest of IECU’s products and services. Once your savings account is open, the possibilities are all yours!

The thought of saving money isn’t nearly as exciting as going out and splurging on that shiny new pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on…but you can work toward bigger goals by breaking your savings account into separate sub-share accounts. What do you have your eye on? A convertible? A new house? A speedboat? Creating a sub share like “Lindsay’s New Car Fund” can help you visualize your progress towards your goals and make you less likely to move money around for an unnecessary purchase (Sounds familiar, right?). That’s another reason why we like to say we know the needs of our members before they do!

Members looking to save specifically for holiday shopping also have the option to open a Holiday Club account. Funds are set aside separately from your savings account until October 15th when they are deposited into the IECU account of your choice.

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