Lost/Stolen Cards

“I know I put in in the same place as before.” “It’s ALWAYS in my wallet.” That dreaded moment when you realize your card isn’t where you thought it was…Luckily IECU knows that this happens all too frequently. That’s why we already have a plan in place- it’s just another way we anticipate your needs!

Before you panic, simply give us a call at 800-697-7728 and we’ll get another card out to you. Even if we’re closed, give us a call at 800-697-7728 and press 1 for Lost Debit Card or press 2 for Lost Credit Card. We’ll have your replacement card to you as quickly as possible and in the meantime, we can set you up with a Visa gift card with funds from your account or withdrawal the cash you’ll need.

Contact the Credit Bureaus

Contact all credit bureaus and have them place a “fraud alert” on your credit bureau report. Order copies of your credit report to check whether any fraudulent accounts were opened without your knowledge or consent.

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