No matter what stage of life you're in, IECU has the experience and expertise to help you!



Together with Member First Mortgage, let IECU take the reigns on the technical side while you plan for the important parts, like meeting the neighbors and deciding what color to paint the bathroom. We have the experience and expertise to help you compare rates and terms, calculate monthly payments, get you pre-approved and answer any and all questions that come up along the way.

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Home Equity Line of Credit 

What is a HELOC you ask? This unique product allows you to use the equity in your home to accomplish any number of your goals. Got an itch for a gourmet kitchen? Maybe a pool for those hot summer days? Perhaps putting your kids through school? IECU’s HELOC will allow you to draw funds from your line for up to 5 years. Then to help keep the payments affordable, you will have 15 years to pay the balance back! Your home already does so much for you, why not allow the equity that you have in it to work for you!

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*HELOC’s are currently only offered in the State of Illinois


NMLS #807421


Visa Credit Card

Smart shopping and our Visa go hand and hand. Earn cash back on your weekly groceries, filling up the gas tank, treating your family to a dinner out, the possibilities are endless. With no annual fees, low interest and purchase protection, you have the ease of knowing you're covered while saving your hard-earned cash.

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Auto Loans

IECU Specializes in Auto Loans! Whether you’re looking for a brand new (or new-to-you) car, truck, motorcycle, RV or anything in between, IECU’s low rate auto loans and convenient financing options allow you to take the driver’s seat! Enjoy your next road trip, tailgate, weekend away or daily commute by knowing you got the best deal possible on your auto loan.


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Personal Loans

Once in a while you need a little more cash than you have on hand. A trip to the beach, an unexpected expense, or perhaps an engagement ring for your sweetie. That’s the great thing about personal loans…YOU decide how YOU want to spend it! When life happens and you need cash (or maybe that new set of tires you’ve been putting off) in a hurry, IECU is here for you! Whether the expense is planned or not, an IECU Personal Loan provides a solution with flexible terms and a low fixed rate. No matter the reason, IECU offers a personal loan option to fit every budget.


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Lines of Credit

Kind of like a personal loan, kind of like a credit card, kind of a great way to protect yourself from pesky overdrafts. One of the most versatile products IECU offers to our members! Basically a line of credit works like a credit card, without carrying the card around in your wallet. Lines of credit help you balance the ups and downs you might have in your monthly income and expenses. That’s because it’s hard to predict what will happen in the future and what it will cost. Personal lines of credit allow you to be prepared for whatever might come next.

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