3 Signs You Have Outgrown Your Home




Many homeowners are surprised when they suddenly realize that the “perfect” home of just a few years ago no longer suits their needs. And since we were stuck at home for year, it’s hard to not notice!

If you’re unsure if you’ve reached the point where a move is warranted, here are a few signs you’ve outgrown your home: 

  • More Kids than Rooms or More Rooms than Kids – Life changes and our homes must change also. 


  • Home Office – Since COVID, more and more companies are opting for telecommuting or home office workers, if your kitchen is your office, it might be time to look for a new home with extra room for a home office. 


  • Lifestyle – The square footage might be fine, but you would prefer a different floor plan; more open, single story, more windows, etc. 


Your reasons for moving will be as unique as you are, but these are just a few considerations which indicate you may have outgrown your current home. If you checked any of these boxes, stop by IECU to talk with our mortgage expert, Gaspare Gallina.  We provide solutions for all of your mortgage needs with a complete suite of loan options.  Contact us today to get pre-approved! 

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